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Welcome to American Sewer Parts & Cleaning, INC. - 08/2020

Enhanced product line and a NEW LOOK!

We are Covid-19 aware and offer all visitors disposable masks and hand sanitizer in an active role to prevent the spread.

We remain the best qualified quality and customer-focused global provider of today’s industry leading sewer cleaning accessories and parts along with a one-of-a-kind line of finished products. Our product offering here at American Sewer Parts and Cleaning, Inc. has withstood the test of time and improved over the years to become unmatched in the industry. We continue to be your one-stop source for hard to find Sewer Truck and Pump parts, a wide range of effective sewer cleaning assemblies and parts including Leader Hose, Sewer Cleaning Nozzles, Lateral and Mainline Root Cutters, Aluminum and Steel Sewer Cleaning "Tuff" Tubes® known for their seamless design and durability, Hose Mending Equipment and associated highly ranked accessories.

As we push into the Fall of 2020, our focus continues to be on our value-added dealer network, strategically placed throughout the world, ensuring that our end customers get what they need when they need it. We are also striving to enhance our product offering as we look into new strategies as well. Announcing our enhanced parts listing including new Debris and Kanaflex® style hose and "Tuff" Tube® adapters, our new Sewer Grit and Debris Catchers, our reinforced and carbide tipped blades, our Piranha® style hose fittings and, don't miss our new Cam Lock style "Tuff" Tube® product line and our 3 and 4 inch "Tuff" Tube® product line which includes several fitting options and accessories.

We welcome you to browse our online catalog and SEARCH THE STORE BY PART NUMBER OR BRIEF DESCRIPTION.

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We look forward to serving your sewer cleaning needs throughout this year and beyond.