Aquatech® Style Tubes w/ Riveted Steel Couplers - Intake Tube


Tuff Tube® has been designed specifically for industries such as the industrial vacuum and sewer cleaning
industry. The Tuff Tube vacuum tube is used to vacuum sand, pieces of pipe, grit, rocks, water, concrete, dirt
and organics. This mixture is very abrasive to the interior of the vacuum tube, to say the least, not to mention
the bumping and banging the tube receives on the steel manhole frame when entering a manhole.

In both the wear and dent resistance tests, the Tuff Tube performed significantly better than both the
.072” and the .090” thick 3004-H22 irrigation tube. Tuff Tube showed a 346% increase in wear resistance
compared to the .072” thick sample, and a 272% increase compared to the .090” thick sample. Naturally,
the tests conducted here do not entirely capture what can and does happen in the field. It is however, fairly
safe to state from the data above, that the Tuff Tube® would last about twice as long as a .072” or .090” thick
irrigation product when used in a highly abrasive environment.

Tuff Tube seamless tubing has a wall thickness of
.100”, which is .010” thicker than any other 6” & 8”
aluminum tube in the industrial sewer and vacuum
market. Tuff Tube is also heat-treated. Thus, over-time,
it becomes work-hardended, which in-turn prolongs
its career in the field.

It has a material hardness of C15 to C16 on a Rockwell
scale compared to 3004.H22 irrigation tube, which
tested at C10 to C12. which improved this product’s
wear rate by 41% over conventional aluminum
vacuum tubing and a tensile strength of 35 KSI, which
makes the Tuff Tube 28% more dent resistant over
conventional vacuum tubing available and provides
better ovality.

In keeping the integrity of the tubing round, the
Tuff Tube® helps ensure better air flow which equals
better C. F. M. and total vacuum efficiency. A dent in a
vacuum tube restricts air flow creating less C.F.M. and
less vacuum efficiency.

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