G2 - 1/8” Mini Penetrator Nozzles


G2-series Mini Penetrator nozzles are made of high-grade steel and coated with a black oxide fi nish for extended nozzle life. The G2-series features an outer under-cut ledge where the rear-facing jets are drilled into to prolong nozzle life and smooth, non-turbulent water flow for pressures up to 4000 PSI, ranging from 3 to 10 GPM. The G2 series nozzles have a 1/8” FPT connecti on with three-to-six rear facing jets and can be ordered with or without an optional front jet to maximize cleaning tasks, most notably in the plumbing industry. G2-series nozzles are in-stock ready for your specially-tailored needs.


Rear jet angle: 30˚

Diameter: 5/8”

Length: 5/8”

Weight: .02 lbs.

Made in the USA.

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